JMS Pond Hockey

by barbaragarn

People have asked and I think it would be fun to hold a JMS pond hockey event. I’m not sure about a “tournament,” but I think it would still be fun to have JMS community members share the ice outside.

So​… I’ll plan and organize it, but I need feedback on the items below. Please post comments and I will take them into account when planning the shindig.

1. Time — month, weather-wise? we don’t want to go too late (and last year some pond hockey games were played in the rain!), but then we also know a lot of people are very busy with hockey, which leads to… day of the week? I know lots of our JMSers play in the AHA on the weekends, and two games in one day is no funsies for some of the newer skaters. 

2. Location — one central rink or several locations? Probably better to start small. A warming house is probably necessary.

3. Cost — reserving outdoor rinks isn’t too expensive, but it does cost something (will investigate what). And– do we want

4. Food — some kind of event pass with a meal ticket for pizza or something?

I’m not sure what I’ll end up doing, but I welcome comments form the JMS community.