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Month: August, 2014

Hockey Season 14-15 Schedule

by barbaragarn

Hooray! I have scheduled the majority of the hockey season ice and can announce additions and changes as we transition from the slow season to the hockey season.

A reminder: adult hockey in Minnesota always comes after youth hockey. We always ask for the earliest ice available… which unfortunately is sometimes late.


Nearly all our current games will continue in some form or another. I’ve listed by day of the week, hope these games work for you!



STIA Elite: continues

VMCC/Wakota LL: Wakota is closed for construction until around October 1; we’ll keep booking at VMCC in the interim, as long as sufficient players continue to sign up.

Central 3/4 game: Was at Breck over the summer but moves to Parade/NEA for the season. This game not scheduled for September, but will be booked if we have sufficient signups.


Eden Prairie UL: continues

Apple Valley LL: continues

St. Louis Park: Changes back to L4-only starting with September 23 game.

Polar LL: New game! Starts September 9 and moves to Wednesday nights in November.

Maple Grove L3: Game returns on September 2 after summer hiatus!


VMCC/Wakota L3: Wakota is closed for construction until around October 1; we’ll keep booking at VMCC in the interim, as long as sufficient players continue to sign up.

Maple Grove UL: continues

Polar LL: New game! Starts on Tuesdays but moves to Wednesdays starting with November games.


Apple Valley UL: Game returns on October 2 after off-season hiatus!

Moose (Monticello) all-level: Two games in September, but no ice for hockey season due to youth association. Finalizing replacement ice now with nearby rink.

STIA all-level: continues

Bielenberg LL: Game returns! We have five fall games for now and hopefully can get more for the hockey season–in talks now; schedule pending youth association needs.

Skills clinic at Parade with Coach Rob Little: Session returns starting September 25!

Maple Grove LL: Game starts after January 1 (no ice available before that)


Roseville LL: continues

Eden Prairie Int (2/3/4): continues

Schwann’s all-level: continues

St. Louis Park UL+ (3/4/5/6): continues

Parade Novice (1/2): Relocates after losing Roseville ice; games start October 3, possibly earlier.

Wakota Int (2/3/4): Game returns when Wakota re-opens!


STIA all-level: continues


Minnehaha all-level: Starts on October 19


I’m working on one final location not mentioned above: the NE quadrant, White Bear or Vadnais area. I’ve been in talks with the rinks and hope to have something finalized soon. I’ll announce it as soon as I know something.


Whew! This is always a huge job and I’m relieved to get it finally sorted out after months of finagling. I really hope these times will work for you!


What stick do you use and why?

by Andy Baird

I’m retiring my last Easton SE16 tonight after a crack through the blade so I’m back on the market for a new stick.

This got me thinking: why do you use the stick you do?

I’ve played with folks who are effective with an old sherwood wooden stick all the way to players who geek out on custom tailored built sticks. What’s your preference?

Respond here: