Our AWESOME goalies

by barbaragarn

After the long discussion earlier about goalie no-shows, the topic has been on my mind. 

And I noticed something. This week and last week–and just about every week–we have some really stellar goalies who step in and take the open nets, so players will have a good game.

I know I’m leaving out too many, but the recent ones were Jones on Monday night (playing fourth night of five), Zarras on Monday (had to cancel but noted he would play if spot wasn’t taken–and then did), and 

I can’t believe–but I know we are all so grateful for–the sense of responsibility that most goalies feel about their position. I tried to make it clear in my earlier blog that I was discussing only a small percentage of goalies, the ones who no-show and let us all down. 

So many goalies are so willing to change their plans, come out when they’re sick or tired, or just don’t feel like it, just so the skaters won’t have to shoot on a board. 

Tell your goalie thank you next time you play. And the next time, and the time after that. We are really lucky to have such a dedicated crew taking nets for us.

Thank you, JMS goalies. You are awesome.