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Month: December, 2009

Come skate with your kids!

by barbaragarn

I have a “family” skate scheduled for this Friday, January 1, at Richfield Arena.

Ice is 8.15 to 9.45 p.m. and we have a good crowd already, but still have room for some more.

[url=] Click here for details.

PLEASE read about the session and THEN send me a note if you still have questions, thanks–

Hockey on New Years Day

by barbaragarn

Come start 2010 the right way!

I have ice at Richfield for Friday night, for the first hockey of 2010!

Whether it’s for your healthy resolution, or to make a great memory, or to just get more icetime, come join us at Richfield this Friday.

We’ll shake off the holiday excesses and tear into January 2010, the next decade, with some great hockey.

These are combined sessions:

[url=]Level 1 and Level 2 (Ice is at 9.45 p.m.)
[url=]Level 3 and Level 4 (Ice is at 10 p.m.)
[url=]Family skate (Ice is 8.15 to 9.45 p.m.)

Skate with your friends, skate with your kids… start the new year with everybody on the ice!

Hope to see you there–


by barbaragarn

Just a couple of things–

I’ve had several requests from goalies that they get time to warm up.

We’re reminding folks not to take slappers through traffic (ie, THINK before you SHOOT!), and continuing this reminder is good. Nobody wants to get annihilated.

Jersey color–even though everyone agrees to JMS rules when signing up, most don’t read that YELLOW and GREY jerseys are not allowed. I find they agree once I explain about how these colors are too ambiguous in the whole light/dark team thing. Use your judgement; if it’s DARK grey, then fine. Or if it’s so light it’s practically white, that’s okay too. Just nothing that’s confusing, of course.

No drunkenness, and no drinkies (at Richfield).
The Richfield rink attendants asked me to remind everyone that there is absolutely NO BEER IN THE LOCKER ROOMS. For those of you with Richfield sessions,

EVERYBODY at the X on Dec. 27!!!

by barbaragarn

I have more ice at the Xcel Energy Center for another round of family (ie, parents and kids) skate times!

I ALSO have ice for an adults-only skate. Read on…

JMS will host ONE family skate at the Xcel Energy Center on December 27, from 3.45 to 4.45 p.m.
The ADULT open skate is the same day, 2.30 to 3.30 p.m. Details [url=]here.

Treat your kids to an awesome holiday gift: an hour of playing hockey on Wild ice at the Xcel Energy Center. We’ll take the elevator down to arena level, walk under the seats to the special locker rooms and then step out onto the ice.

Standing at the bottom of the bowl… looking up at the immense space and the looming Jumbotron–it is an amazing experience for any hockey fan, young or old.

Plus, it’s a chance to play with your kiddo, and who doesn’t love that?

Please read the rules BEFORE e-mailing me with questions:
[url=]Family skate rules and registration

Please read the entire post.
If you still have questions, e-mail me. Do not send a “private message” through the site; I check e-mail constantly but I can’t always log into the website.

We’re going to have a blast! Spots will go fast so sign up now to give your kid this amazing memory.

New sessions L2 Tuesdays and L4 Mondays

by barbaragarn

New sessions so icy for you to enjoy!

I have added a Level 4 to Mondays–first one is December 21 at Richfield, prime start time at 8.45 p.m.

I have also added a Level 2 to Tuesdays–the first one is at HopkinS on December 22.

Hopefully the day/rink/start time combinations are enticing and yield good signups so I can continue to offer a wider palette of options to the JMS community.

Olympic Ice

by barbaragarn

The only Olympic sheets in town that I know of are at Bloomington, Plymouth and the National Sports Center (Schwan’s, in Blaine).

I was thinking about the difference between skating on a NHL-size sheet and playing on an Olympic one. It’s only 15 feet wider, for a total of 400 square feet difference (or 20 percent… if I got the math right).

Do you notice the difference when you’re on an Olympic sheet? Do you change your play? I have to confess that I don’t. The only thing I notice is that people seem to get tired faster, though I’m first to admit that it’s probably all in our heads.

Goalies–I bet the Olympic sheet, with its bigger corners, changes your game some. How? What do you do to adjust?

Cheap Wild tickets ALL GONE

by barbaragarn

***UPDATE: Dec. 13. ALL TICKETS GONE. I hope everyone who bought them has a lovely time at the game!***

Great holiday presents! Nothing says Happy Kwanzaa like ice hockey, right? Upper level, selling for $20 each (nearly 25% off). Not too many left–

December 15 (Tuesday), 7 p.m. vs. Columbus Blue Jackets
December 23 (Wednesday), 6 p.m. vs. Edmonton Oilers
January 6 (Wednesday), 7 p.m. vs. Calgary Flames

Please e-mail me if you are interested. Do not send a “private message” through the JMS website; I can only retrieve those by logging in, but I check e-mail constantly.

Family Skates at the Xcel Energy Center
And yes, the reason I have tickets is because I bought more ice at the Xcel Energy Center. We’ll have another two family skates on the afternoon of December 27.
I’ll post details later, but the sign up format and session rules will be very similar to the last time–those details [url=]here. Please please go read details about how we did it last time before you post or e-mail questions.
The only major difference I anticipate is that we’ll try again for a “younger kids” and an “older kids” session–last time, all the older kids were off playing tournaments and missed their chance to play at the X.

Details forthcoming! This is only first notice.

Car talk

by barbaragarn

Several folks had to cancel out of sessions lately due to bad weather (a pity the rinks NEVER close).

But as I was sliding around in the yuck, I wondered if it’s better to drive in lower gear with more power to each wheel (though faster spinning speed) or higher gear with less traction but spinning slower. I asked car genius and hockey player Seth Miller. I thought everyone would find his comments useful for driving on slick roads (and also just the curiosity factor). Here’s his reply:

All engines have a “power curve.” Do a Google image search of it.

You’d want to avoid driving with the engine running in the rpm range that makes the most power as a small change in gas pedal position would cause a greater increase in power sent to the wheels possibly causing wheel spin.

If you were to shift to a higher gear so that the engine rpm were off of the peak, a small change in gas pedal position won’t change the power output much and as such be less likely to cause wheel spin.

As an example, think of driving at a steady 30 to 35 mph in 3rd gear (in dry conditions). If you then floor the gas pedal, you’ll most likely start to accelerate pretty quickly no? Now, drive at that same steady speed in 4th gear. If you floor the gas pedal, you most likely will accelerate, but not at anywhere near the rate you did in 3rd.

In 4th gear, the engine isn’t at the peak of the power curve and so it struggles to accelerate the car. In 3rd gear, the engine is somewhere near the peak of the power curve and acceleration is easy.

Now, in wet or snowy conditions, the same holds true, except instead of accelerating in 3rd, you’ll spin the tires. In 4th, you might not. So, it would be better to drive that speed in 4th so long as you can maintain that speed (don’t need the power to go up a hill, etc.).

Wild tickets for holiday gifts

by barbaragarn

I have

Vote now Level 5 or Level 1

by barbaragarn

I have an extra session for Friday, December 11.
Should this be a Level 5 or a SECOND Level 1 session?

The attempt at having a Friday Level 5 tanked miserably this week, but it worked fine on November 13 and 20 (none on 11/27; Thanksgiving). I DO want to provide a second weekly venue for the L5s.

But… the Level 1 Friday sessions usually have a long wait list, and it breaks my heart to see SEVEN beginners anxious to skate, but know I don’t have room for them.

The extra, to-be-determined session is at Richfield, around 9.30 p.m.

So: please weigh in by clicking “comment” below.
TO VOTE, post like this:

Jim Bob Berkowitz, Level 5 skater – I would play at Richfield on Friday, December 11.
John Larson, Level 1 skater — I would play at Richfield on Friday, December 11.

All comments about this topic are welcome, but you MUST list your level if you want your vote to count. I will use this data to decide whether the session is a second level 1 or a level 5.

Don’t post that you would sign up for the session if you won’t, because that is seriously lame and I will get all frowny with you.

I will announce the allocation on Sunday night and open all Dec. 11 session for signup then.
I’m very interested to see the responses–I could make a good argument for either one, but I really want to get a slice of what the skating community thinks. The four of you who read this post, anyway.