New feature: follow your JMS buddies!

by Andy Baird

One common suggestion we’ve received from you all over the past few years is the ability to follow your friends on JMS and get updates on what skates they are signed up for so you can sign up for them, too.

Now, we’re well aware that we have a wide audience of players with varying degrees of online personas. I’ve played with skaters who check their smartphone on the bench after every shift and I’ve also talked with players who still refer to the internet as “the information superhighway”. So, I’d like to preface this announcement and make it clear that we’ve designed this feature in such a way to not impede the experience of those who simply want to sign up for a game and then be done. In fact, if you’re not at all interested in following users or being followed, it’s unlikely you’ll notice too much of a difference.
Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 10.45.37 PMWe think this is a feature that will benefit the JMS populace immensely for those who are interested in it. To follow a user, simply open up their profile modal and click on the “Follow” button right on the right hand side of the dialog.

Once you follow a user, a new section will appear on the right hand sidebar beneath your name. This will list your follower count, following count, and the photo of each player you are following. A link at the bottom will allow you to view the activity of all players you are following.

In addition, you will receive a weekly e-mail of the games that all the players you are following are signed up for.

Not interested in this feature? (or being followed)

No problem. You can turn it off completely under the “privacy” tab in your account settings and you will no longer be bothered by it. You can also turn off the notification emails specifically if you still want to keep the feature but not receive the e-mails that get sent out from it by clicking on the notifications tab in your account settings.

For those interested, we hope you enjoy the feature and get use out of it!

Got a  suggestion on how we can improve JMS? As always, e-mail!