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Month: December, 2010

New Feature– Service Exchange

by barbaragarn

The JMS website generates a sizable amount of traffic from the local area and we feel it would be a great benefit for members of the JMS community to tap into this a bit. So, we have created â€‹a place for JMSers to exchange their business information with one another. 

We have worked hard to build a community and now that it’s become so large, we want to help members take advantage of their JMS community connections. Why go to a stranger when you can go to someone you already know and trust? I know I and others have been doing this informally for years. I expect this will really benefit all our users.

We’ve set up the forum so you must have made at least five posts in other forums before you’re allowed to post in the service exchange. This ensures there is some level of engagement with the JMS community; the privilege is only being given to those who truly are JMS members. We do not want people coming to the site solely for the sake of posting in the Service Exchange forum.

This is a privilege and because the nature of advertising can get spammy quickly, there are some ground rules.

  • Do not post multiple threads for your service. If you feel you have a new offer or deal that would greatly benefit JMS members, reply to your original topic you created with the details. Please make sure whatever you are offering is something truly beneficial to the community — we (JMS moderators) will remove posts that abuse this rule.
  • Do not bump your posts for the sake of making your post rise to the top of the page. 
  • Other pickup hockey services are not allowed to advertise here. The reasons why should be obvious, but we want this to be about JMSer’s business lives, not other competing hockey ventures that are out there.
  • Please don’t trash talk someone else’s business. We don’t need giant flame wars to erupt here and we have no interest in rating people’s services. 
  • Please do feel free to recommend someone. If you’ve done business with a fellow JMSer before, feel free to help them out by spreading the word of their business, or replying to their topic to give them praise. 
  • Do not offer any service that scams people or is illegal. Be nice. If we think your offer is suspect it will be removed. We probably aren’t going to believe that you really are the prince of Nigeria. 
  • The catch-all: We (JMS moderators) can remove your post at any time, for any reason that may or may not necessarily be described in these rules.

    Here it is! On the forums page, scroll all the way to the bottom.

Goalie No Shows

by barbaragarn

I’m hesitant to start this discussion, but we’ve had enough goalie no-shows lately for me to bring it up. I need to state right away that MOST goalies are VERY GOOD about showing up when they sign up for a session. We can’t let the actions of a few taint the excellent performance of so many. 

But goalie no-shows have a big, negative effect on the whole session. It’s worth addressing them after this recent spate.

I’m not sure what to do. I don’t like to remove goalie perms after one or two flubs–and this especially shoots us in the foot, to limit goalies just when we’re looking for goalies. While goalies prefer JMS games for the community and well-behaved skaters, right now is a “goalie’s market” and they can find a lot of games. 

We don’t want to drive goalies away. But we do want to make sure that those who sign up, show up. So what should we do if they don’t?

Thoughts from the skater and the goalie perspective? I have some already, but nothing certain enough to implement now.

And again, I know that MOST goalies are VERY GOOD about showing up when they sign up for a session. We’re talking a small percentage (though alas still with impact). I don’t want this discussion to turn into goalie bashing–there are PLENTY of things goalies could bash skaters for (hacking after the puck is covered, not clearing the zone after a goal but instead rushing again right away, shooting warmups while the goalie’s back is turned, etc…). I won’t let this to devolve into internecine sniping, that does not help anyone.

We need a way to cut down on goalie no-shows. Solutions?

Water Pirates

by barbaragarn

Some forum discussion recently about Water Pirates on the bench — people who slurp from someone else’s water bottle.

Part of me says whatever (the generous spirit part) but part of me remembers many times of being without refreshment at the end of a hot and tiring game.

And can you say communicable diseases? Before my awesome sinus surgery (if you’re considering it, GET IT!), I got sick ALL THE TIME. I did NOT need some yahoo gumming up my water bottle with whatever germs his kid brought home from daycare.

Some people bring not-water (Gatorade, whatever) to the game. I never could understand feeling refreshed with sticky grape syrupy stuff trickling down inside the jersey, but to each their own.

I always make sure my bottle is clearly marked, hoping, I guess, that people who DO care–even a little–will be less likely to grab a bottle with someone else’s name all over it.

What are your thoughts on bench water bottles? Fair game or protected territory?