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Month: October, 2011

Cherry Picking

by barbaragarn

Guest blog by Tom Akins

​Barb, wondering if you could do us all a favor and remind players through captains or otherwise against cherry picking. It takes the fun out of the game and is not fair to any of the players. It’s probably the most irritating thing that upsets everyone. Next to me of course. Just a joke I think.

At level 2 it seem to have gotten started with one particular individual and now others have caught the virus as well. A few guys will go immediately when on offense to the neutral zone or even the second blue line and just sit. Which of course is a 2-line pass if they should even get one. 

But the main point is that if you’re on the same team as the cherry picker, you’re forced to work your buns off in the defensive zone because you’re short handed and can’t control of the puck because your teammates are elsewhere. 

Likewise, if your playing defense on the opposing team it’s no fun. Instead of hugging the blue line and get involved with the offense, you have to sit back. Some guys don’t want to do that, so if the cherry picker gets the puck, you leave your goalie naked as well. It seems to affect the entire flow of the game.  

As a footnote: I mean, we are level 2. Even if the guy gets a pass, most often he’s not going to beat anybody to the net. So he’s wasting his time.

From a coaching perspective, players are not supposed to break out until your team controls the puck. Granted, once in a while you sneak out or try to keep your defense honest if they’re pinching to much. But seriously, sometimes 1 to 3 guys will be standing in the neutral zone when the puck is in their own end just looking for a breakout.Very selfish play. The poor goalie getting peppered with no support on defense.

I get it, that some guys are so new to hockey and don’t know any better. JMS is not designed to have real rigged rules etc. But I think this should be addressed to make it fun and fair for all. What do you think?

Join JMS's Dan Ginter on a Zamboni ride-along!

by barbaragarn

A zamboni ride-along! from JMS Support on Vimeo.

New rink best location

by barbaragarn

I was thinking the other day about the rinks in the Twin Cities, and where I would hope for a new one to be located. 

I know Breck in Golden Valley and St. Thomas in Mendota Heights are both comparatively new, but where would be the best location for the next new rink? 

Obviously, everyone’s first answer is: “Two blocks from my house.” But pragmatically, which community doesn’t have a rink, but could really use one?

I live in the far western burbs, but I really think the area that could use more ice is Roseville. I love, love, love the Oval — great facility, the staff is wonderful. I know many other players feel the same way. 

In fact, we love it so much that we want more ice there! But with just one sheet, and the youth associations getting first dibs (like they do at any arena), sometimes it’s hard to get in at Roseville–though we are always appreciative of how the arena superintendent works with us. 

So that’s my first choice. I think for my second, I’d put a rink in the northern burbs: something in Fridley, maybe. There’s a hole in the arena map, bordered by Brooklyn Park to the west, Fogerty to the north, Shoreview to the east and to the south by–from east to west–Roseville, NEA, VMIA and New Hope.

Where would you put a brand new rink? Besides two blocks from home.