Hockey Gift Ideas

by barbaragarn

By Mark Chapin of Lifetime Hockey  

Need some last minutes holiday gift ideas for the hockey
player in your life? A gift for yourself?

What are the accessories that hockey players would like in
their holiday stocking?

At a recent visit to Dave’s Sports Shop in Fridley, I spoke
to the owner Dave and his staff member, Amanda, about popular accessories that
hockey player’s favor.


A local company produces this wax. Dave says, “It includes a
polymer that makes the puck cling to your stick.” It is something small you can
throw into your bag and it will keep the snow and ice from building up on your
stick which can easily happen at a colder arena or where there is snow build-up
on the ice.


Training Tools

There are a variety of stick-handling training tools
available including Swedish wooden hockey balls, a clear hockey ball (similar
weight to a hockey puck but helps you skill handle without looking at the
puck), and different weights of hockey training ball pucks for strength and



This is also manufactured by a local company.  Dave
says that its purpose is to “perk up your skate edges in a pinch.” A great
tool to have in your bag you’re at the rink and realized you should’ve
sharpened your skates…


Helmet Bag

Helmet bags are popular for players who have plastic
visors—full or half shields.  These visors can easily get scratched in a
hockey bag while rattling around with skates and other equipment.  It
provides great protection and it looks cool when you pull out your helmet in
the locker room.


Other Stuff

An emergency repair kit for your helmet might be the ticket.

How about a lighted hockey puck? It has the same weight as a
regulation puck and is slap shot tested. 
It has an embedded LED light and is intended for dimly-lit outdoor
rinks. You won’t lose this puck!


Happy holidays, everyone!