Wacky injuries

by barbaragarn

Claud Giroux was in the news this week after a golf club shattered and splinters sliced open his index finger, damaging some tendons. Yikes!

I was thinking about other wacky hockey injuries. First to mind is Pancakegate, from 2012. Dustin Penner threw out his back eating a stack of delicious pancakes. He wrote a hysterical open letter to fans and conspiracy theorists, very tongue in cheek.

Here are some others:

  • Glenn Healey of the Maple Leafs lacerated his hand while cleaning his bagpipes.
  • Wade Belak (also of the Leafs, hmmm) had to sit out a game due to a spider bite.
  • In another freaky back injury, Brent Sopel of the Canucks suffered spasms after bending over to pick up a cracker his young daughter had thrown on the floor. Hint: get a dog.
  • Remember Erik Johnson’s golf injury? He got his foot stuck between the accelerator and the brake on a golf cart (or did he??) during a team outing.
  • Manny Legace injured his hip after stepping on the red carpet placed on the ice to honor Sarah Palin (then VP nominee, who was dropping the puck for the ceremonial face-off).
  • Beware the deadly blister:  Mikael Renberg (during his Maple Leafs tenure–what IS it with this team?) got a blister. From tying his skate laces. It got infected enough that Renberg was hospitalized with a dangerously high fever. Doctors actually considered taking his hand off. Poor Renberg had already faced the thought of amputation a year earlier while boating: he jumped in the water to retrieve the anchor and the propellor sliced through his right bicep!
  • Let sleeping dogs lie: when Sharks goalie Arturs Irbe was doing sit-ups next to his sleeping pet (“Rambo,” no joke), he spooked the pup, which attacked Irbe, damaging the goalkeeper’s hand.
  • Don’t look into the light: In 1988, Sylvain Turgeon (Hartford Whalers) was working on his car. While welding, he looked into the torch light too long and suffered welder’s burn to his eyes.
  • Popcorn purple heart: Mark Reeds (now assistant Ottawa coach) missed a part of the 1987 season after suffering second- and third-degree burns on his hand during a “popcorn making accident at home.”





I bet we’ve all heard some good excuses from pals when they miss a game! Share in the comments below.