League play with JMS Hockey Clubs!

by ericmjorgensen

For years, JMSers have been asking for a league play option. We want to keep the quality you expect but provide the options you’d like. After a lot of thinking and planning, we are ready to test this new concept.

Launching in September as a small pilot program with the potential for expansion to more teams, JMS Hockey Clubs adds a dash of competitiveness and teamwork to the existing JMS formula that people love — fun, friendly, fair and safe hockey.

We are testing at Eden Prairie on Friday nights and have invited a small group of JMS regulars to try the program and work out any bugs. The pilot program will be just eight weeks long, and we’re starting with upper level skaters (Levels 3 -5). We hope to expand if this test program works well.

The four teams will play one another in refereed games with three 17-minute stop-time periods. Each player will receive a JMS Hockey Club jersey in the colors of their team. Team captains and JMS admins will set the rosters and monitor play throughout the season. Each club of the four JMS Hockey Clubs will have its own special section of the JMS website.

JMS Hockey Clubs is fun competition with players you already know and like — to play with and against!

We hope this pilot program goes well and that we can expand offerings soon.

If you are interested, please let us know by contacting JMS Support at support@jmshockey.com