Sign up for a JMS game from a text message!

by Andy Baird

JMS Hockey Text Message DemoWe’re happy to announce the release of a new feature long in the making: the ability to sign up via text message!

To turn this feature on, you’ll need to go to your account settings page, and then click on notifications. To enable text messaging, fill out your mobile phone number (no dashes or spaces needed) and verify your mobile phone number. After that, any time you sign up for a notification list you’ll receive a text message directly to your phone when a spot you’re eligible for becomes open.

In addition to receiving a notification, you can signup for a game immediately by responding to the phone number (612) 345-9638 with the message “Signup <Game Number>”. The game number is always provided for you in the notification message so you know what to reply with. Naturally, you must have the appropriate funds in your account to sign up for a game.

Some of you may already noticed this feature – we implemented it weeks ago but have been tweaking it along the way to get it nice and polished.  Goalies may already used to this feature as it is required to be “on” in order to sign up as a backup goalie.

We’re pleased to release this new feature and hope you find it useful. If you have any suggestions for things we can add or improve to the website or program, click the suggestions link at the bottom of the website.