Amazing opportunity!

by barbaragarn

Mighty Ducks 4! Hollywood is making a fourth movie about Charlie (all grown up) and they are scouting for extras who can skate. The story needs adult hockey players of various ability levels.

We were contacted by a casting agency and will hold a “tryout” game on April 13. It’s FREE! The first 22 skaters and 2 goalies will get to play and meet the casting agent. We may hold another game later, if they decide they need more people.

Minnesota location filming will be three weeks this summer (late June/early July) on Highland’s south rink. Extras will receive a daily stipend and there are some roles for interaction with the lead characters. If you think this is too good to be true, you’re right: april fool’s–we made it all up. Because nothing is cooler than Mighty Ducks hockey!

So get ready for some great fun! Sign up here:

April 2 update: Yes, this was a practical joke. Italics added above.