Black and White Jerseys

by barbaragarn

Originally posted in the forums, but elevated to blog for further discussion; a captain recently sent me an e-mail about jersey colors:

Hey Barb,

This is not a huge issue but… over the past few weeks, a couple of guys mentioned to me independently that it sure would be nice if skaters wore easily identifiable white and dark jerseys. After asking each of them to elaborate, one said that “pure black and white ought to be mandatory” while the other said “just no yellow or light-colored ‘dark’ jerseys.”

My personal take on this is that I ALWAYS find a guy another jersey if he wears gray, gold, or yellow. Otherwise I get beat-up by the benches.

I would also prefer no light-colored “dark” jerseys, such as pastel blue with white shoulders and “dark” jerseys with large white shoulders and a colored logo or torso. I’ve switched guys out of these too. These jersey types have confused folks when I’ve been captain over the past year and I always make the skater switch to a more pure color.

And they always hate it because they have some kind of special or emotional attachment to the jersey and are … wait for it … surprised or slightly offended that I would ask for such a request.

Here are some sample responses:

  • “Everyone knows gold is a dual color!” (yeah… right)
  • “Gray has always been considered white.” (I don’t think so.)
  • “This checkered, plaid, pastel design fading to white shoulders won the Urzekstan National Junior Championship in 2002. My ex-girlfriend’s cousin was ON that team!!” (Great, it’s a cool jersey, now put on this black one so people can tell which team you’re on.)

Anyway, this is just an awareness item, no big deal. It’s just out there. Nothing we can’t handle. It’s probably NOT in the best interest to initiate the Jersey Police just yet. But perhaps a gentle reminder or a poster board tag via the website might be appropriate at some point.

The original post in the forums got favorable responses. I agree–it’s a pain to play with people if you can’t tell what team they’re on. The JMS position is no yellow or grey. I’d like to ban pink and really light blue, and some people would like us to ban white shoulders with dark jerseys, but you just reach a point where you’re making a ton of rules for 100 percent of the community, because of the behavior of 1 percent.

What are your thoughts?