You gotta try this

by barbaragarn

We are always looking for good workouts. I started running to improve my hockey game, but running is SOOOO BORING. 

So this week, I went to “Skyrobics” at SkyZone in Plymouth, an “indoor trampoline park.” Wow! What a great workout! I wore my heart monitor and it said I burned 710 calories in an hour–and I wasn’t even doing all the exercises. There were no kids, just about 12 adults getting a great workout. 

It was a lot like starting hockey… everyone there looked like they were better than me… I was hesitant to try but it looked like a lot of fun… And the surface was even unstable and worrisome, just like the ice was that first time! But of course, like hockey, I got the hang of it. 

It’s a GREAT workout–I mentioned hockey to the class instructor and he said, “I was a hockey player for 13 years and THIS is the most aerobic workout I’ve ever done. I thought I could handle this but five minutes into my first class, I was ready to throw up…!”

It’s tiring, but like any other class you can push yourself as hard as you like. And it’s all bouncy!! Super fun.

SkyZone has a facility in Oakdale, too. Apparently both also have “3-D Dodge Ball.” There’s a ton of vids on YouTube. I mentioned the Skyrobics to a work colleague and she said, “I’d rather play dodge ball. I want to hit people and watch them suffer.” (Haha, yes, she actually IS a hockey player!)

It’s pretty intense. It would be a great place to take some hyper kids for an afternoon, too. Very reasonable pricing (they don’t have a big electricity bill to keep the ice cold!) and a discount for beginners.

Try it! We are hockey players–we are all about fun exercise!