What is your hockey age

by barbaragarn

As someone who started playing hockey as an adult, I can’t help but compare my progress to others who are learning… including kids. 

When telling newbies about JMS, I have used the shorthand to reassure nervous raw beginners that “Level 1 is adult mini-mites.” No offense to Level 1 players, just said as a way to really drive home JMS’s unique mission to help the true newbies.

But I don’t have kids and I’m not familiar with their levels of play. What do you think? Aside from size, would a squirt player fit in at Level 2?

The biggest difference–besides size–I’ve noticed between adult newbies and kid newbies, is that kids are willing to make mistakes. Kids will try something without thinking, “Everyone is looking at me.” Kids will push the envelope, and fall down, and get back up again without even reflecting. And because they feel out to the edge and go beyond as they fail, they LEARN where that edge is. I wish I could be that thoughtless.

I should note, just in case someone reads this and thinks of their kids, that JMS games are for adults. Kids have so many chances to play hockey, and novice adults have so few, that we are sticking to JMS for the adult population. There’s also the size factor: a squirt at Level 2 is a tiny person playing with BIG and UNSTEADY players… definitely a safety issue. 
Some folks have asked about JMS for kids. Aside from the fact that running JMS in addition to my full time job means I have NO TIME to do JMS for kids, I have to say that hockey parents can be scary. It’s one thing to tell an adult that he’s not ready to move up, but I am NOT going to waste time telling protective and pushy hockey parents that their little darling lacks anything he needs for the next level up. Not even going to dip a TOE in that pool.

So what do you think is your hockey age? Are you getting any older?