The Way We Do Things

by barbaragarn

Guest blog by Seth Clayton

​I offered to write a blog addressing something that I have noticed during our level 2 games. I’m not sure how prevalent the issue may be in other levels, but I think the underlying solution can and should be adopted by every participant in JMS. 

Recently, I’ve noticed some inconsistencies in how offside and icing are called and treated once enforced. Here is what the FAQ section of the JMS website says in regards to offside and icing:

If there is no referee how do we manage icing and offsides?
The defense will make its own offsides calls.  Turn the puck over, and after everyone has “touched-up” onsides, you can reenter the zone.
Goalies are charged with signaling for an icing.  Players on the offending team must wait outside the blue line for the puck to be carried out. 

Our captain from my most recent game did a good job reminding the skaters how each “offense” would be signaled, and I’m sure assumed that everyone reads the FAQ section on the JMS website, where it explains many common questions that skaters and goalies, rookie and veteran, may have.  I feel it is every participant’s responsibility to read the FAQ section to help the captain run a smooth and efficient session.  The captain could start every game with a long diatribe going over every topic covered in the FAQ, but I don’t think any of us want to stand around, burning valuable ice time, listening to something that is easily accessible to every member. 

While I only started thinking about the FAQ in regards to treatment of icing and offsides, on reflection, I think we should all take a few minutes to read them–whether for the first time or if we read it two years ago when we first started skating with JMS. And while a couple icing foulups aren’t a major issue, it’s something that nonetheless adds some frustration to games that does not need to be there. Keep yourselves informed, everyone on the same page, and our sessions will run smoothly and efficiently! 

Finally, skating with JMS has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of my adult life! We’re a great group, full of members that all seem to be showing up for the same reasons: to enjoy themselves, work on a little fitness and appreciate one of the greatest games out there! Keep up the great work and we’ll see you on the ice!
[BG: Thanks for the nice words and the community spirit!]