Changing to Hockey Season

by barbaragarn

Wednesday night’s freeze warning means things will feel a lot like hockey weather very soon. In what ways does this impact us? LOTS! 

I know gear storage has moved around–some people keep it in the garage (by choice or by decree from a housemate), but weather can pose challenges here. In deep summer, gear actually needs to come inside sometimes, or the high humidity won’t let it dry out. Yucky funky. And in deep winter, trying to put on frozen, stinky gear is just too gruesome for words. 

But lovely crisp fall is perfect for keeping your gear in the garage and finding it pleasantly aired out when you go to pack up for the next game. Ahhh… fall. 

The ice at rinks is better–no more top-layer-humidity-film, and lower temps outside mean it actually freezes after the Zamboni… no more soup. 

Changing ice conditions also mean changing skate grind for some folks. I know several people who adjust to a wider cut for their skates to better handle softer summer ice. 

Outside can also affect the postgame paradigm: standing around in the parking lot suddenly can get a whole lot colder, and people will start zipping off to their cars earlier than before. And it’s time to start bringing a post-game hat to cover your sweaty hair as you walk in the chill from the rink to your car. Mom says, Don’t catch a cold! 

The season change also affects pregame nosh; I never feel like eating a big, heavy meal in the hot summer, but I can’t eat many hours before hockey, either, so an early big meal is tough. Changing to fall means a nice big bowl of pasta or yummy meatloaf sandwich long before the game tastes great and doesn’t prompt a food coma. 

What changes are you anticipating for your hockey as we move into fall?