Face Protection Discussion

by barbaragarn

​I got this e-mail from a JMSer and I thought I would post it (anonymously) and generate some discussion. 

I strongly feel that all players should use face protection–especially Levels 1-3. You may think your reaction time is great, but you never know what kooky stuff will happen on the ice. Is it worth your teeth? I have seen some nasty stuff on the ice.

Here’s the e-mail:

In the short time I have been playing JMS games, I have noticed people getting injured because they don’t wear face protection. Most recently at the level 3 game I played in Richfield Friday. A collision that would have been no big deal turned into a bloody mouth and possibly dental work (I am not sure because the hurt player was not on my bench). 

The week before someone played with wire rim glasses (which I also wear) and no cage or visor. I thought, has he ever seen the damage even a minor blow to the corner of those eyeglass frames can do to the bridge of the nose and eye socket? I have and it is not pretty. 

I always wear a cage because it just makes sense to me. I don’t want to leave the rink hurt or feel bad because someone else didn’t wear protection. It is a rough game and things happen and we all know that going in, yet it seems these types of injuries are easily preventable with proper equipment. It is kind of like seat belts or motorcycle helmets, some people just don’t want them. 

I understand the freedom of choice. I know JMS can’t force things on people and shouldn’t. As the shoulder pad debate last week proved, everyone has their own take on it. I am not about to tell anyone what to do. I thought maybe it could be brought up for discussion on your chat forum and maybe some people would think twice about it. I hate to see people get hurt when you know it was avoidable.