Skills Improvement from Clinics

by barbaragarn

By Mark Chapin and Dan McLaughlin, Lifetime Hockey

We are obviously biased in promoting Lifetime Hockey’s annual Adult Hockey Camp. Regardless of that, we encourage you to take a clinic and try other hockey schools. The only way you are going to improve as a player is to participate in a camp or a clinic. 

Playing JMS and/or league hockey is fun, but it is challenging to improve one’s skill level quickly in a game-only environment. The learning curve is long and slow without good coaching.  Sometimes it can actually hurt player development, to continue our bad habits and actually reinforce them. Working with a good coach is the only way to receive unbiased, targeted and knowledgeable feedback. 

When considering a hockey school or clinic, check out the credentials of the coaches. Do they have experience in coaching adults? It is different with adult learners. How many instructors are on the ice at one time? Are there youth players who are coaching? Are there opportunities to work on your skills in a dryland setting? Is there classroom instruction? What is the coach to student ratio? How many players are on the ice at one time? What do past participants have to say about the school?

Consider attending Lifetime Hockey’s Summer Camp, July 20-23, at Parade Ice Garden in Minneapolis. Tom Bast is returning with his Canadian coaching staff. Lifetime Hockey offers the opportunity to make a partial payment to reserve a spot in camp, which expires on Monday, May 2, 2011.  A special team discount (bring 5 or more players) is available until June 1, 2011.