New Session Types Announced

by barbaragarn

We are always trying to branch out here at JMS and are excited to announce two new offerings. These new sessions continue the JMS tradition of leading pick-up hockey innovation.

Extreme Parity Session
Tired of teams not being exactly even? This is the session for you.

  • Skaters will sign up in offsetting tandem–ie, Level 1 paired with Level 5, Level 2 with Level 4. Level 3s will sign up together.
  • Each skater will be weighed and measured to ensure teams are exactly even in size (weigh-in will be at the rink the night before).
  • Each skater will also be assigned a jersey bar code for better identification and tracking.


  • The captain will lead the players in a series of on-ice group warm-up calisthenics. Players will then move to their pre-assigned teams.

The Game

  • Each player may carry the puck for 30 seconds, and then must pass. We will have someone in the scorekeeper’s box to sound the horn every 30 seconds, all 90 minutes of the game, to ensure proper timing on the passing rule. (We are now soliciting volunteers to track and sound the horn.)
  • Each player must score one goal per game. Play will continue until each player has scored at least one goal. (We will book extra ice time for these games, as they may go long. Please plan your babysitter accordingly.)
  • Each team must score the same number of points. Teams will trade off scoring opportunities (ie, if Dark scores first, then White must score, and only then will it be Dark’s turn to score again).

We feel the above careful and managed system will guarantee a perfect, 100% balanced game.

For those craving less organization, we are happy to announce the Thunderdome Sessions.
“Rules are… there are no rules.” (on ice, anyway)

  • Each player must present proof of health insurance and have an emergency contact on file on their account (under “Profile”)–and we strongly prefer each participant let us know blood type and bring a personal EMT to the rink on standby


  • No warm-up.

The Game

  • No rules of any kind–ice the puck at will, hack the goalie after it’s covered, camp out offsides, whatever you like. 
  • And no penalties! The game will not stop for broken bones or bloodshed; injured players must conduct themselves to the bench the best they can.
  • However, if a player remains prone on the ice for 10 minutes, we will send a special medical team to investigate–but only if the play is at the other end (we will not stop the game just to retrieve an unconscious skater).

We hope you enjoy these new offerings from JMS Hockey and that you have a happy April Fool’s Day–