Meet the Captain

by barbaragarn

​Meet Trevor Tjelmeland, longtime captain at Fogerty’s Tuesday night Level 3 game. Trevor sees his captain position as one of encouragement: “My natural role is to engage with people. I’m the friendly cheerleader type–I really like to see people improve,” he said.

While Trevor played as a child, he said he wasn’t very good and lost interest. Decades later, as an adult, he found himself next door to an avid hockey player. “It took a long time for him to talk me into it,” he said. He borrowed gear and fell in love with the sport, buying all new equipment because, as he said, “I loved it so much, I knew I was going to play every week.”

Getting bit by the hockey bug as an adult was more meaningful than as a kid, and JMS is the friendly environment Trevor was looking for. “You can stink and still have fun… we can all play at JMS and we can all stink together!”

Playing with other learning adults was perfect. “There’s something about starting as an adult,” he said. “You are really aware of the improvement in yourself, in your teammates–the other JMS players. It’s fun to run across people I knew from before and see how they’ve improved as well.”

Trevor plays several times a week–“It’s hard to believe I would be more athletic as an adult than as a child!” he said. But like many, his AHA games are different from the more relaxed environment at JMS. “I’m hard-driving in my league games but at JMS I like to have fun, talk with all my friends–on both benches.”

As a captain, he knows all the regulars and uses his captain role to bring the group together. “We’re all adults. There shouldn’t be any babysitting,” he said. “Besides the fun on the ice, there’s the camaraderie, meeting new and interesting people.”

Trevor’s usual games are the Tuesday night Level 3 sessions at Fogerty. His efforts helped develop the Fogerty session from a struggling game into the strong Tuesday session it is now. Sign up for a game and catch him on the ice!