Water Pirates

by barbaragarn

Some forum discussion recently about Water Pirates on the bench — people who slurp from someone else’s water bottle.

Part of me says whatever (the generous spirit part) but part of me remembers many times of being without refreshment at the end of a hot and tiring game.

And can you say communicable diseases? Before my awesome sinus surgery (if you’re considering it, GET IT!), I got sick ALL THE TIME. I did NOT need some yahoo gumming up my water bottle with whatever germs his kid brought home from daycare.

Some people bring not-water (Gatorade, whatever) to the game. I never could understand feeling refreshed with sticky grape syrupy stuff trickling down inside the jersey, but to each their own.

I always make sure my bottle is clearly marked, hoping, I guess, that people who DO care–even a little–will be less likely to grab a bottle with someone else’s name all over it.

What are your thoughts on bench water bottles? Fair game or protected territory?