All Newbie Night

by barbaragarn

No more excuses. 

You know you know someone who says they’re interested in starting hockey but worried that “everyone else will be faster.”

Fears, begone! November 12 is ALL NEWBIE NIGHT. Every single person on the ice will be 100% brand new to hockey.

I will vet each skater to make sure we have no ringers, just 22 excited brand-newbies to share the ice together… for the very first time.

We will provide loaner gear (with advance notice) and hockey buddies to help the newbies get in their gear. I’m sure the stands will be packed with excited fans.

Is it time to get Mom on skates? How about Uncle Bob? Your little sister or your neighbor? That colleague who knows Wild stats backwards and upside-down, but can’t skate forwards?

For everyone in your life who has been wanting to skate, but fearful, now is the time. Save the date and send an e-mail to support at jmshockey to be added to the information list.

JMS is fun, friendly, safe. Isn’t it time they stopped dreaming and started playing hockey?!?