Why Play Goal?

by barbaragarn

Guest Blog by Keith Bloodworth

I grew up playing goalie in soccer and roller hockey (pre-inline) and catching baseball. Getting hit in the head is nothing new. 

I wanted to try ice hockey goalie and play into my golden years. Active duty took me away from the action for a long time. Inline hockey is now starting to take hold on Oahu…many years after I was stationed there.* Goal tending is a challenge for me and is my way of staying in the game I love. I started playing D in organized ice hockey at the AAA about junior high, played club high school and played in the  BHL as a young adult.

Playing goalie is not getting easier since I started in 2007. Age, sleep, nutrition, injury, career and family are factors against ice time. I have to decide between getting sleep and eating if I play on Friday night. It also means my wife walks to her place of business. SLP is at least on my way to work and I am able to shower while on Kronos.

I missed about 7 months this year because of a knee injury that started at BIG L2 and continued to a Chaska practice. I skated SLP L1 recently and re-injured at the end of warm ups. It is not as bad as last winter and I am happy with my spring/summer rehab. I need to create a better off-ice work out and try again. I may only loose a few months this time.

I looked at Hockey North America after I relocated to Twin Cities and tried several arenas and parks with pick-up games. A player at Hopkins Pavilion told me about the AHA and I went through the beginner school as a goalie. JMS followed. I love the game because it is fast, frozen and a great team sport. It is also free except for the X.

* 2010, June/July. Advertorial. Aloha Inline! USA Hockey magazine, pp. 13.