Community Sessions

by barbaragarn

One JMS session… five levels of players. Hockey for Everyone!

We’re adding Community Sessions to the JMS offerings to give players a chance to mix with friends at different levels. With these games open to players of any level, the Community Sessions will give all players more opportunities for icetime.

First announced on Twitter (JMS_Hockey) and Facebook (JMS Hockey), the Community Sessions are a more laid-back environment for social hockey. Sometimes, you want to get your exercise in a tough but rewarding run… and sometimes you want to get your exercise walking and chatting with a friend around the lake. Community Sessions are like that: working your body, but not hard, and more about fun than fatburning.

Community Sessions will always have a local watering hole indicated so participants can decamp to drink, talk, network and brag. We want these to be an opportunity to get to know other folks in the JMS community. 

Level distribution will be controlled, so the session won’t have ten L5s and ten Level 1 players; a Community Session may have three roster spots open, but if the Level 5 quota is already reached, then Level 5 players won’t be able to sign up for the skate. We want to keep things balanced.

With a variety of levels, skaters at both ends of the continuum will need to remember to play nice. This means the Level 5 player not going coast to coast incessantly and scoring 17 times, but it also means the Level 1 player should not get huffy and hacky when the puck is stolen off his stick. 

Because this is JMS and we expect participants to remember our motto: Hockey for Everyone. We will be monitoring the sessions and if someone demonstrates he just can’t play with this range of abilities, and remember the point is for everyone to have fun, then we will return him to the parity-only sessions. Skating the Community Sessions is a privilege.

As non-parity sessions, we will not make any parity evaluations at these sessions, nor will we make any level changes as a result of a Community Session. With such a wide spectrum of players, we just can’t make accurate parity assessments, so we’ll exclusively leave those for the parity sessions.

The Community Sessions will start with one at Breck on July 8. In subsequent weeks, there will be Community Sessions at Plymouth, Eden Prairie and Richfield as well. We will start slowly and see how popular these sessions are, and meet demand accordingly.

I hope you are excited! These should be a lot of fun.