First day tourney battles fierce!

by barbaragarn

A dizzying day of hockey had at Bloomington Ice Gardens today! Without further adieu, let’s jump into the results:

Time Division Home Away Scoresheet
8 AM A One-timers 5 Cold Warriors 9
8 AM B Multiple Personalities 5 Five Hole 3
12:30 PM A Big House Blades 11 One-timers 1
12:30 PM B Ãœbermites 3 Multiple Personalities 1
6 PM A Cold Warriors 5 Big House Blades 4
6 PM B Team Five Hole 4 Ãœbermites 2

In Division A, a sizzling rivalry heating up between Big House Blades and Cold Warriors — the Cold Warriors edge out the Big House Blades tonight by a goal. No doubt their matchup tomorrow will be a great game.

Division B is less clear – all three teams have 1 win and 1 loss, making it impossible to determine seeds based off of record right now. According to the rules, in the event of a point tie, seeds will be determined by goals scored for within first three games. That makes the current seeds as follows:

  1. Team Five Hole – 7 goals for
  2. Multiple Personalities – 6 goals for
  3. Ãœbermites – 5 goals for

This makes tomorrow’s 8 AM Division B game the Ãœbermites vs Multiple Personalities.