Come play in the tournament

by barbaragarn

The JMS “Spring Fever Face-Off” tournament is just three weeks away, and we’re making a final push to get some more players.

If you’re debating, it’s time to jump in. If you’re already in, tell your pals they should sign up too! Click the “Tourney” tab above for all the details.

For those wondering, YES, we have enough skaters and everyone will get four games as promised. But I’m hoping for four teams per tier, not three. Can you help spread the word?

I need to make the call by Thursday, May 13 and will set teams based on rosters at that point, though we will accept late registrations as long as space permits.

Top 10 Reasons to Play in the Tournament

1. Play on a team with your friends, or against them.
We’ve changed the rules to allow pals to request playing together, though of course we will set all teams for parity. Basically, the rule change means you can skate with your pals without worrying about someone else sneakily courting all the top players to build a Mega Team of Ringers.

2. Goodies!
You’ll get a tournament tee shirt (and how awesome will that look in the grocery store or at the health club?!?) and the winners of each tier (25% or 33% of skaters, depending) will get slick trophies for display on your desk at work, mantel over fireplace or other bragging spot.

3. Play in a refereed game.
Many JMSers have never played a game with a real ref. We will have two per game and they’ll be using standard USAH regulations. I’m selecting patient ones who won’t just call the game, but are patient with beginners and can explain infarctions if necessary. What is it really like to play with a real referee? Stop wondering and come find out.

4. Tune up before summer season.
Perhaps you have played so much pick-up that you have forgotten what the whistle means? Or perhaps your legs have had a vacation from striving at game pace? Get back into it with four games of tournament play.

5. Experience a “real game” scenario.
Lots of JMSers have never had their own hockey team. This is your chance to create those bonds with the folks you’ll play in the tournament with. Line strategies, locker room pregame strategies and post-game recaps, speculating on your next opponent, all that fun stuff.

6. Brag about your hockey marathon.
Four games in two days! Yes, of course you can do it. And think how awesome you will feel later, having done it and knowing you did it. Monday morning, you will be tired, but in the very best way. And you’re on vacation that day anyway, aren’t you?

7. It’s good for you!
You’re going to sit around on vacation, eat vacation food, right? Burn a bunch of calories before you go… between 5,490 (for a 240-pound person) and 2,635 (for a 120-pound person) and then you can feel good about taking a week off from exercising. And the tourney schedule (over early Sunday) means you can still play and get up north that weekend, too.

8. The stories and the experience.
In the months after the tourney, you’ll hear people discussing it in the locker room, reliving the games. Don’t just sit on the sidelines! Jump in and be a part of the event, not an onlooker. Sign up to be part of the stories, help shape the plays and the outcome of your team, instead of hearing other people reminisce about the fun later, and wishing you’d been involved.

9. All hockey atmosphere.
Two days of concentrated hockey! The environment will be focused on the games you’re playing. Get there early to size up the other team, talk about players you know and how they’re faring and what you can expect when you meet them on the ice. For two days, you’ll be intent on plays, performance and strategy to bring your team to the top.

10. Because it’s fun!
Hockey = fun. More hockey = more fun! This will be an amazing and awesome weekend of hockey. You love the game, come dive into it.

Click the “Tourney” tab above to see more details and register to play. Cost is just $80 for four games, a tee shirt and a trophy if you win. Hope to see you there!