Level 5 second session

by barbaragarn


I have added a second Level 5 to Thursday nights. It’s a little confusing, so read carefully:

On Monday, April 12, we will have a Level 5 session at Breck (don’t be confused by the weekly e-mail titled “Cheese vs Beans” — that was a TYPO and L5 is ON for Breck on April 12).
Starting Monday, April 19, the Monday Level 5 session will move to Richfield.
We will play the Level 5 Breck session on Thursdays, starting April 22.

I hope the additional options will work for you. I hated to move the Monday Breck sessions, but there was no way I could add another location–NO ICE at Bloomington, and the only Richfield times I could get were on Monday, when you were already playing.

So, while this means some changes to your world, please remember that:
1. you are still able to play at Breck (just on Thursdays now, which many of you were in favor of)
2. you are still able to play on Monday nights (just now at Richfield, which is also a great location)
3. you now have TWO options to play Level 5 during the week
4. folks on the south and east sides now have a Level 5 venue closer to them (though it’s still very accessible for everyone else)

Post here with questions and I’ll keep checking and answer as I can.