JMS spring tournament

by barbaragarn

Breaking news!

JMS Hockey will host a tournament on Memorial Weekend: the Spring Fever Face Off!

Games will be on Saturday, May 29, and Sunday, May 30 (that’s the only time we could get the ice). The tourney will be at Bloomington Ice Gardens. There will be two tiers with four teams each. Every team will play four games round-robin. All participants will get a nifty t-shirt and the winning team in each tier will also get trophies.

Tournament registration will open on March 31. Individual signups only: you will be placed on a team assembled for best parity. Due to skater numbers and parity concerns, this tournament is for levels 1-4 only. Registrants must have played at least one JMS game to ensure correct parity assessment, though if necessary we may require a second game.

Cost? We don’t know yet–still assembling all that data. Cost will be posted by registration time (March 31) and will be as rock-bottom as we can make it. We want everyone to have the chance to play in a quality, adult novice parity-managed tournament.

I hope you’re excited! Post questions here and we’ll answer them as we can.