Meet Dan

by barbaragarn

Who is this Dan person, e-mailing you???

Well, I needed help. I spend about six hours every night (after my “real job” editing law enforcement magazines) just answering JMS mail–not even planning sessions, booking with the rinks or other admin stuff. I realized recently that I had to 1. quit replying to every e-mail or 2. get help.

JMS isn’t just about JMS, it’s a Twin Cities adult newbie hockey clearinghouse, and I try to answer all the questions about hockey in general, website support, JMS policies, etc. There are a lot (about 100) e-mails every day from folks asking about

–a level change
–if someone picked up a piece of gear after a session
–more info about local leagues
–when I will put Level X in City Y
–how to be a captain
–why a session wasn’t even last night
–best rinks in the Twin Cities
–why they can’t log into the site
–if their wife/neighbor/buddy can come play
–what happened with a cancellation
–coaching opportunities
–Wild ticket deals

and more.

Enter Dan Ginter, goalie (and sometimes skater, or so he says), hockey enthusiast and all-round clever fellow. Dan will help with some of the lower level admin functions, mostly e-mails to start (“Why don’t you have a level 1 skate in Isanti?” or “I played for the Gophers but I’d like to skate Level 2.”) and then branching into other areas.

Pic at left is what Dan actually looks like, while e-mailing you.

Dan is from White Bear and lives there now; he graduated from SCSU (I am told to write GO HUSKIES! here) in 2008 and also likes the Minnesota Wild. He played organized hockey as a kid for about three years but didn’t pick it up again until well into college… when he wasn’t able to devote full attention. Finally, in winter 2010, Dan says he wanted exercise but hated the thought of joining a gym. His thoughts returned to hockey–but to the netminder position this time: “Once the notion of playing goalie got into my head I possessed an obsessive, unstoppable conviction to realize that goal,” he said.

“I don’t like to settle. When I become this involved in something, I want to be the best at it. So… once all my gear was collected, I threw myself to the dogs. I was playing twice a week, as a goalie with NO EXPERIENCE, with a bunch of tight-knit strangers, at open hockey we would consider Level 4 or 5. Sometimes fun, but not so welcoming… The whole time I was chronicling my adventure on facebook when my High School friend, Eric Jorgensen suggested I look into JMS.”

“The supportive attitudes I witnessed out on the ice sold me on this experience completely. It was the first night and I was already hooked. I loved the rapping of sticks against the boards for fellow players, I loved how skaters helped each other up, and I loved the locker room conversations. Everyone seemed to be so excited just to be learning, and I wanted to be a regular part of that excitement.”

“It’s months later, and I just finished my 20th game. I’ve made some great friends, shared some good laughs, and surprised myself more than a few times. I can sense myself improving, and I feel very much a part of a community. These effects are the products of a clear vision and very deliberate design which makes JMS unique. I am proud to be a contributing member of the team both on and off the ice!”

We are very glad Dan came to JMS!

You’ll probably be hearing from him soon. The message is still “from JMS” and is still in accordance with JMS policies, has the right JMS information, and will be given proper JMS attention–it’s just from Dan, not me. Please join me in celebrating this expansion and welcoming Dan and his energy to our team!