Canada or the US, who will take the gold?

by barbaragarn

Excellent matchup coming tomorrow (Sunday, Feb 28). Who do you think will win? (Or if you’re reading this after, why do you think the winners triumphed?)

The Canadians will try to crowd in front of American Ryan Miller, hoping to shut down the goalie who delivered an amazing performance during the last match-up.

Team USA is coming off a rout of Finland and feeling confident. And boy, wouldn’t we like to settle the score from Salt Lake 2002, when Canada beat the U.S. on home ice, ouch. While this is the second gold game the U.S. has played in the last three Olympics, Team USA hasn’t captured a gold in men’s hockey since the “Miracle” in 1980.

Is it that Team USA is indeed a TEAM, instead of a collection of superstars, like Canada? Or wIll the superstars do what they do: put it in net, again and again. I have heard mutterings of NHL-entrenched fussiness between Jerome Iginla and Sidney Crosby. Too many prima donnas (Crosby, Crosby, Crosby) will collapse a team.

On the other hand, this is CANADA, the world’s hockey powerhouse, bar none. This is THEIR sport, on THEIR home ice. That means a lot.

Apparently Robert Gibbs (White House press secretary) has a bet with his Canadian counterpart; loser has to wear the other team’s jersey at the next press conference.

The bet was originally based on the outcome of the women’s game (Canada-2, US-0) but when it appeared the two nations’ men’s teams would face off as well, Gibbs asked for a double or nothing. Canada has much to be proud of, not least its fantastic goalie [url=]Shannon Szebados, and of course corresponding winces at the distinctly NON-“healthy athlete” postgame celebration with booze and cigars. Crimeny.

Who will win on Sunday? Accurate predictions win a year of bragging rights…