Rob Little skills clinics

by barbaragarn

Starting in April!

Skilled and effective coach Rob Little will offer [url=]two clinics this spring: Skating and Intermediate Skills. Skating starts April 18 and Intermediate Skills starts May 2.

Rob is a fantastic coach–he is a genius at spotting the one little thing that will make your play so much more efficient. If you go, you WILL be amazed at how quickly you improve.

I tell people that it’s like a giant ball of knotty string; Rob can pinpoint the one strand that magically untangles the whole mess. Learn to skate and play smarter. With tweaks to your stride, you’ll soon be more efficient. With tips on your game, you’ll be more effective.

You should go to a Rob Little clinic. Trust me.

All the details here:

Been to a Rob Little session before? Post here so others will know how incredible and effective the coaching is.