If you're tired, get off the ice

by barbaragarn

Why do we take longer shifts when we’re tired?

I know everybody does it. I do it. I just don’t understand WHY.

It’s the end of the night, 20 minutes left in the game and people are just STANDING there, not skating, not playing, just standing. And they stay out for a monster long time.

It just makes no sense to me–and I say that having caught myself doing it plenty of times. If we’re tired, get off the ice. It’s silly; you would think we would WANT to go sit on the bench.

But instead, people do the opposite: just gliding around, orbiting the play. Is is that, in standing there (instead of skating), people are using less energy and they don’t feel “tired” enough to go to the bench? But if they’re “tired” already, they should be off the ice… I just don’t get it.