Backyard rinks

by barbaragarn

I bet the weather has been a challenge for anyone struggling to maintain a backyard rink this year. If it wasn’t a thaw, we had several inches of wet, clumpy snow that froze into a bumpy mess.

I have always wondered about a backyard rink. While it seems like it would be fun, I wonder if it would actually get used enough to be worth the trouble. And, not that I care about “lawn,” but doesn’t it leave the grass all smushed down and create a giant torn-up mudhole? Which I suppose could be fun in its own regard.

Do you have a backyard rink? How much hassle was it to put in? How often do you (or your kids) use it? Is it worth it?

While temps for the next week are solidly in the 20s, we’re getting close to the end of weather cold enough to keep a backyard rink viable. WITHOUT starting a discussion of human-prompted climate change (all screeds will be edited or deleted), do you think the season has grown shorter for outdoor ice, or stayed about the same?

PLEASE post pics! We all want to see your backyard rink! Stories are great too–did you stage a neighborhood game? Do the kids all come over on Sunday for hockey and brunch? Share your vignettes.