Stick flex

by barbaragarn

I’ve been around adult players, mostly on the new-ish end, for a while now and I’m pretty sure most people are using a stick that’s too stiff for them.

Rob Little told me once that most adult rec players should use 100 flex at the very stiffest. Since the men have more upper body strength, and I do not, I opted for a 65 flex on my [url=]Black Beauty “Warlock” (yes I know it sounds like Harry Potter or D&D, but it’s a nice stick with a great low [url=]lie).

Amusingly, the product information states, “Any player between the ages of 11 and 14 who wants to realize the full potential of their game…” (Sadly, I am 12 in Hockey Years.)

I’m not short, but this “intermediate” stick has been a very good option for me. I didn’t need to cut it at all, and as a result it’s very whippy.

I hadn’t realized this but of course it makes sense: cutting down a stick INCREASES its flex rating. If you buy an adult stick and then hack six inches off it, you’re making it even stiffer than before. The shorter the stick, the harder it is to bend (think about breaking a new pencil versus a little stubby one, which is more difficult?). So buying one where you DON’T have to cut is a very good option.

I’ve really liked my 65 flex, I can bend it easily and still have control. I was really surprised at the difference this stick made. I won’t ever go back to cutting down stiff adult sticks.

What do you use? Do you like it or not, and why?