Fogerty Level 3 attendance woes

by barbaragarn

It took a lot of work (by Trevor Tjemeland) and money (from JMS) last fall to kick off the Fogerty session.

Signups were strong for a while there but now, alarmingly, have fizzled off. I thought it was stable but with recent turnouts at rock bottom again, I’m seriously considering allocating those JMS funds to another session somewhere else.

I love the idea of pushing JMS out into the burbs so folks can skate close to home; Fogerty was one of the flagship examples of that goal. But with recent low numbers I’m starting to think that doesn’t matter, or doesn’t matter enough.

What’s behind the downturn?
(And don’t say it’s the hours, because we had some 10.20 start times with full rosters even a month ago… these recent sessions have been 9.40 and 10p starts, with a mere 14 or so skaters. It’s not the start time.)

Are people interested interested in having a Fogerty session… but not interested enough to sign up?

The bottom line is that Fogerty has had a good chance for success, but I’m not going to run a session that can’t pay for itself… just can’t subsidize local hockey that way. If Fogerty doesn’t turn around very soon, I’m going to have no choice but to pull the plug on it.