When Goalies Cancel

by barbaragarn

This isn’t about any goalie in particular, but it’s time to discuss.

Everyone appreciates goalies so much–the game just isn’t the same without them. But at JMS (and other pick-ups), goalies don’t pay. So there’s no incentive for them to NOT bail from a game.

The problem is when this is very close to icetime–they have such an important role that their absence means we MUST find a replacement. And short notice is really tough.

I also know that goalie spots at JMS are at a premium, and sometimes people will grab one early, just to get it, and then bail later (argh, close to icetime! so I have to scramble!).

When a goalie bails, it can affect skater signups, too. I know people have told me they won’t sign up for a session with just one goalie (and I’ve also had goalies tell me they won’t sign up for a session with low skater numbers… thus creating a head-exploding paradox where no one signs up).

I don’t want to charge goalies, not ever. But I also want to cut down on the number of goalies who drop out close to the session start time.

Suggestions from both goalies and skaters?