Under the hockey tree

by barbaragarn

As hockey-crazy Minnesotans, I know your holiday gift-giving (and receiving) included stuff related to our favorite sport.

What was waiting for you under the hockey tree? A new composite? Sleek [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fh4cnFj2C0] Grafs, or innovative [url=http://www.grafcanada.com/hockey_skates/] Thermablades? Wild tickets?

Or were you naughty, and found only an old, battered puck in the toe of your stocking?

And for sharing the hockey spirit–did you give bounteous gifts of NHL jerseys and fresh, new gloves? Or only [url=http://www.247hockey.com/pd_phat_hockey_tape.cfm] tape and [url=http://www.sportwheels.ca/products/laces] laces (praise be, finally available in another color besides pink).

How was your hockey holiday?