by barbaragarn

Just a couple of things–

I’ve had several requests from goalies that they get time to warm up.

We’re reminding folks not to take slappers through traffic (ie, THINK before you SHOOT!), and continuing this reminder is good. Nobody wants to get annihilated.

Jersey color–even though everyone agrees to JMS rules when signing up, most don’t read that YELLOW and GREY jerseys are not allowed. I find they agree once I explain about how these colors are too ambiguous in the whole light/dark team thing. Use your judgement; if it’s DARK grey, then fine. Or if it’s so light it’s practically white, that’s okay too. Just nothing that’s confusing, of course.

No drunkenness, and no drinkies (at Richfield).
The Richfield rink attendants asked me to remind everyone that there is absolutely NO BEER IN THE LOCKER ROOMS. For those of you with Richfield sessions,