Cheap Wild tickets ALL GONE

by barbaragarn

***UPDATE: Dec. 13. ALL TICKETS GONE. I hope everyone who bought them has a lovely time at the game!***

Great holiday presents! Nothing says Happy Kwanzaa like ice hockey, right? Upper level, selling for $20 each (nearly 25% off). Not too many left–

December 15 (Tuesday), 7 p.m. vs. Columbus Blue Jackets
December 23 (Wednesday), 6 p.m. vs. Edmonton Oilers
January 6 (Wednesday), 7 p.m. vs. Calgary Flames

Please e-mail me if you are interested. Do not send a “private message” through the JMS website; I can only retrieve those by logging in, but I check e-mail constantly.

Family Skates at the Xcel Energy Center
And yes, the reason I have tickets is because I bought more ice at the Xcel Energy Center. We’ll have another two family skates on the afternoon of December 27.
I’ll post details later, but the sign up format and session rules will be very similar to the last time–those details [url=]here. Please please go read details about how we did it last time before you post or e-mail questions.
The only major difference I anticipate is that we’ll try again for a “younger kids” and an “older kids” session–last time, all the older kids were off playing tournaments and missed their chance to play at the X.

Details forthcoming! This is only first notice.