Vote now Level 5 or Level 1

by barbaragarn

I have an extra session for Friday, December 11.
Should this be a Level 5 or a SECOND Level 1 session?

The attempt at having a Friday Level 5 tanked miserably this week, but it worked fine on November 13 and 20 (none on 11/27; Thanksgiving). I DO want to provide a second weekly venue for the L5s.

But… the Level 1 Friday sessions usually have a long wait list, and it breaks my heart to see SEVEN beginners anxious to skate, but know I don’t have room for them.

The extra, to-be-determined session is at Richfield, around 9.30 p.m.

So: please weigh in by clicking “comment” below.
TO VOTE, post like this:

Jim Bob Berkowitz, Level 5 skater – I would play at Richfield on Friday, December 11.
John Larson, Level 1 skater — I would play at Richfield on Friday, December 11.

All comments about this topic are welcome, but you MUST list your level if you want your vote to count. I will use this data to decide whether the session is a second level 1 or a level 5.

Don’t post that you would sign up for the session if you won’t, because that is seriously lame and I will get all frowny with you.

I will announce the allocation on Sunday night and open all Dec. 11 session for signup then.
I’m very interested to see the responses–I could make a good argument for either one, but I really want to get a slice of what the skating community thinks. The four of you who read this post, anyway.