My 22 helmets

by barbaragarn

But wait, I can explain.

Just finished unpacking the Hockey Room and was shocked to discover I had so many. But… three are MINE. Five will be sold to newbies. Five for loaner use (three in main rotation, two backup oddballs); two getting rid of (trash and donate); seven old boys I hang on to because… well, you never know.

Follow the picture, from left.

1 — my current (Cascade CHX, love ya, baby!)
2 — my old Mission Carbsters (black and white, screws stripped out, alas, but too comfy to part with)
3 — NEW Cascade CHXs, bought on super sale, to sell to needy newbies with L heads
1 — Itech HC85 POS destined for trash (plastic broken on nearly all connectors/joints)
7 — too old to loan out in good conscience, foam degrading or otherwise gross (Bauer HH 5000L; Cooper HH 3000L; Bauer HH400L; Cooper SK2000; Bauer HH1000L; Bauer HH4000M; CCM unknown model, size small)
1 — CCM unknown model, size small; going to donate (must be YOUTH small; too tiny for even my head)
1 — Nike NQH, size unknown (not familiar with this helmet so it stays at the bottom of the rotation; some kind of air pump at back of neck?)
1 — Jofa 395 jr (not familiar with this helmet so it stays at the bottom of the rotation; bulbously cute, though)
2 — new with tags (CCM HT1 small; Jofa 390 sr; not sure what to do with these, probably also sell to newbies, nominal fee…)
3 — official JMS loaner helmets! safe! with cages! (CCM 692 large; CCM model unknown, small [my old helmet]; CCM HT1 large with combo mask nobody likes)

Thanks to everyone who has made donations! I have given away more “gently used” (but still safe!) helmets than I can remember, to grateful newbies excited to get started in an expensive sport. Thank YOU for your castoff gear.

Some other time I will write about why a nice girl like me has seven hockey jocks (two are for goalies!).