Team USA vs WCHA All Stars

by barbaragarn

Guest blog by [url=]Terri Lee Paulsen

The U.S. Women’s National Hockey Team dominated Friday night in their win over the WCHA All-Stars.

No surprise, as the national team has been practicing together for the past month, gearing up for their warm-up to the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. The Xcel Energy Center was their first stop on the 10-game Qwest Tour.

Team USA beat the All-Stars 6-1, scoring four goals in the first period, the first less than two minutes after the puck dropped. I was rooting for the underdog, but it quickly became apparent that they couldn’t pull it off. The tape-to-tape passes, effortless give-and-goes and relentless back-checking proved just too much for the All-Stars. But boy was it fun to watch, regardless of who you were cheering for.

The national team is a lot more experienced. Six of its 23 players have Olympic experience, with two having been in two Olympics and two more having played in the three previous Olympic Games. As senior copy editor of [url=]Ice, a national hockey magazine for women, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a number of the Team USA players. I’ve even seen Jenny Potter’s bronze medal from Torino up close.

The U.S. Women’s National Team will be returning to the Xcel Energy Center on December 30 to face its archrival Canada in what is likely to be a preview of a matchup that will take place in Vancouver (likely for a medal).

Team USA beat Canada to win the Hockey Canada Cup earlier this month in Vancouver. Expect Canada to come out fired up to beat Team U.S.A. on its soil.

A lifelong hockey fan, Terri Lee Paulsen started playing JMS at age 41, a few months after starting to play the sport. Now with nearly two years under her belt, she’s coaching an Ice Mite team and sits on the board of the Waconia Hockey Association. She only wishes she could do backward crossovers as well as her 7-year-old daughter.