Tournament Thoughts

by barbaragarn

I’m pondering the different gradients of the hockey experience, and where the tournament fits in all this.

What is the value of a preseason tournament? Obviously, it’s a chance to get the legs back in shape, suss out the winter competition.

For some people who have never played a “real” game before, with refs and clocks and all the trimmings, it’s a lifetime dream come true, in one moment.

I know lots of hockey parents speak of their kids’ tournaments, which seem pretty constant throughout the season. Carting them around to play all over the Cities and beyond.

What’s the point? Not being sarcastic, just looking for the intrinsic value. Why do people like tournaments so much? A chance to play teams you don’t normally play? A very, very mini-season?

I used to do the fall preseason invitational, until the AHA started doing it (you have NO idea how much work a tourney is… or if you do, I’m very, very sorry for you). And there’s that Walleye Chop-Your-Head-Off in the spring.

Maybe there’s room and desire (?) for another tournament? Thoughts?