Six weeks out

by barbaragarn

What are you doing to get ready for hockey season?

Any special preseason prep or rituals? The ceremonial yearly hosing down, airing out of your hockey gear?

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Speaking of shape, I’m NOT in it. A terrible spring followed by a strung-out summer means I’ve not eaten, or chosen to tempt palate with high-calorie stuff, too many times. Argh–my own stupid choices and I should have known I’d pay for them in the end. Well, hindsight is 20/20, and I won’t make that mistake again. Begone things which are not good for me!!! I wrested back on the right track and now I’m in my lovely house–with lovely wholesomeness again, and fresh vegetables!

The biggest thing I’ll be doing before hockey season–besides eating crudites–is jogging. Which both trims down my weight (easier to skate fast without those extra pounds, yes?) and gets me back into something resembling cardio fitness.

Anybody else doing preseason stuff? Any preseason rituals, besides the “late August team scramble”?