Best Hockey Music

by barbaragarn

80s hair bands.

No question about it.
Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Poison, Bon Jovi, Guns ‘n Roses, Van Halen, THIS is music for the locker room before your hockey game.

Seriously, just listen:

Who cares what they’re singing? Of course it’s silly. Of course it doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t have to! This is ULTIMATE HOCKEY MUSIC.

Ahh, Def Leppard. I have spent more minutes than I’d like to count trying to figure out these lyrics… “Pour some sugar on me, c’mon fry me up” — okay, who does their frying in sugar??
And I swear that one line says, “Desi let a woman in a one-man show.” Please don’t spoil my mystified ignorance by posting the real lyrics.

Other excellent 80s hair band hockey songs:

Guns n’ Roses: Paradise City

Bon Jovi: You Give Love a Bad Name

THIS is music for the locker room. THIS is music that belongs with hockey.

One thing to ponder about these 80s hair bands: for all their hard-rockin’ style, why is it that their biggest successes are the ballads? Poison’s [url=]Every Rose Has Its Thorn or Guns n’ Roses [url=]Patience or Bon Jovi’s [url=]I’ll Be There for You.

As a personal alternate to 80s hair bands, I will do Beethoven’s chorale from An die Freude, but probably not many would agree with my classical predilection. Hear it [url=]here, bad pics but best part of the music. Yes, this was in Die Hard. Another good one is Carl Orff’s [url=]O Fortuna from Carmina Burana.
Both An die Freude (“Ode to Joy”) and Orff’s hymn to changing nature of fortune are certainly applicable to how I feel before a hockey game.

Okay, so as a child of the 80s, I feel hair bands are PERFECT for pregame rockin out. But what about people the generation before and after? What do guys in their 40s, 50s, like for “best hockey music”? What about folks in their 20s? I’m interested to hear.