Scoop! NHL preseason scrimmages at local rink! Shhhh…

by barbaragarn

I have super cool news about ice all this week, local high-profile NHLers will be kicking the rust off their skates in a relatively hush-hush ultra-elite, invitation only pick-up right here in the Twin Cities.

Of course, this is all heresay culled from an overheard conversation.
Someone who has a day off this week should go check it out and report back to us VERY interested folks.

Click “read more” below to get details on who (Parrish, Boogaard, Veilleux, Backstrom etc.) and where and when.

So I was at St. Louis Park this Friday and I heard some guys talking about the event. Apparently this week, on SLP’s west rink (the big one), Monday through Friday, the big names will be playing from 10.30 to noon.

There’s a great viewing gallery so I bet you can see things up close and personal. I debated passing this along–PLEASE, if you go, PLEASE don’t act like a twit. Or if you do, don’t mention how you learned about this event. We don’t want to disturb the doubtless easily-spooked NHLers in their habitat and force them to forage elsewhere for their ice.

Names I heard mentioned (furiously scribbling away): Mark Parrish, Derek Boogaard, Stephane Veilleux, Nicklas Backstrom, former Gopher Barry Tallackson, Matt Smaby, Stu Bickel, Jim Slater. And more–just didn’t have time, or couldn’t make out names (or can’t read my notes).

When I asked the rink attendant for more information, he said, “No comment,” which every good journalist knows means you’re on to something.

If you go, post here about what it was like, who you saw, what the hockey looked like, if you drooled on the glass, etc.