I preach the gospel of wax laces

by barbaragarn

For $3, beginners can really change their skating performance.

I can’t number the times I’ve seen someone stumbling or birding out (skating with ankles bent inwards), only to investigate and find their skates were far too loose.

Beginners often make the mistake of leaving skates too loose, but the problem is compounded by untreated cotton laces. They don’t grip well and then they stretch as you play. Tightening your laces is one thing, having them STAY tight is another.

Much, much better are the wax laces. I started using them early on and noticed an immediate improvement. With the boot closer to my foot, I could balance better, feel the ice better, turn better. Everything was affected, in a positive way.

I constantly recommend wax laces to beginner skaters and they’ve told me the wax laces have been positive for them, too.

Usually I feel that spending extra money on expensive techno stuff is a gimmick, but the idea of wax on laces is pretty simple, and at about $3, the price is just right.

Do you use wax laces? Love them or don’t care?