Where does your gear live?

by barbaragarn

So, moving in, figuring out where stuff will go.

Placement of hockey tree?

I don’t want it someplace where I’ll trip over it. Or have to negotiate around it (not small, and with nails at eye-level, not something I want to encounter in the dark). And not someplace where I keep… catching it out of the corner of my eye, roughly human shape, just lurking.

Does my gear stay in the basement, where it’s not as dry as upstairs? But if it goes upstairs, then it’s in my living space, and I don’t want to have to LOOK at it all the time. I mean, it’s not exactly aesthetically pleasing.

It needs to be close enough to a door–I’ve done the thing with wending my way through hallways, up a flight of stairs with fully packed hockey bag, NOT fun.

The garage is perfect… for summer months. I don’t expect my gear would do anything but freeze out there in winter.

I know some guys keep their gear in the car, through all seasons. My unilateral response to that is: GROSS! I bet it’s steaming hot and fetid in the summer and crinkly with ice crystals in the winter. Yecch both ways.

When my pal Sully was in a one-bedroom apartment, he kept his hockey tree in the kitchen. Yecch. When he and I lived together and had no room anywhere else in the place, I hung a curtain from the ceiling about two feet out from the wall, and put hockey gear behind that.

I felt awfully clever–it was getting enough air, but I didn’t feel like it was part of the room–I didn’t have to sit and stare at it. When we needed to pack up, the curtain pushed aside easily. Now Sully keeps his gear at his new place, in one of those Shock Doctor bags, which he seems to like (except for the size, which has been described as “unwieldy.”)

For now (like so many things in my new place), MY hockey gear has a temporary position. It is in my basement, with a fan blowing on it. Close to the door, but alas still part of the room decor. Hmm.

Where do you keep your hockey gear, and what do you like (or not) about your storage situation?