Top 10 reasons to attend Rob Little Hockey clinics

by barbaragarn

July 23 starts two new clinics: Stickhandling and Shooting/Goalie, both evenings at Breck Anderson Arena in Golden Valley.

There is still time to sign up! Rob is also offering individual session pricing.

Do you lose the puck a lot? Do you have trouble keeping it when the other team pressures you? Can you skate with your head up and still control it?

The Stickhandling Clinic gives position-specific instruction (ie, center versus wing versus defense) about how to maintain puck possession in competitive situations, both in tight spaces and in open ice.

Dates: Thursday, July 23; Tuesday, July 28; Thursday, July 30; Tuesday, August 4; and Thursday, August 6–all icetimes 8.30 to 9.45 p.m.

So once you have the puck, and can keep it, do you know what to do with it? Can you process where to aim–and shoot at that hole with confidence?

The Shooting/Goalie Clinic will introduce players to the basic shots (wrist, snap, backhand, slapshots and tips) and evaluate and address individual needs. Rob will discuss the mental aspects of goal scoring as well. Goalies will focus on basic stance, balance, crease-are maneuvers, positioning, angles, save techniques and controlling rebounds.

Dates: Thursday, July 23; Tuesday, July 28; Thursday, July 30; Tuesday, August 4; and Thursday, August 6–all icetimes 7 to 8.15 p.m.

More information online at

Top Ten Reasons to Attend
10. Get a tune-up before we roll into September and start getting serious about the hockey season.
9. Support the awesome new website with cool swooshy logo!
8. Rob has 35 years of experience in coaching hockey. He knows what he’s talking about.
7. Breck Anderson Arena is clean and in a central location.
6. Rob’s voice carries on the ice (this is actually a big deal for some with on-ice echoes; if you can’t hear the coach, you can’t learn. Rob is very easy to hear, follow and understand.)
5. Individual session pricing ($38) makes hockey improvement possible even for people with tough scheduling.
4. The instruction keeps on coming–even after you leave. Weeks or months later, as you continue to improve, some gem from Rob will suddenly hit you and you’ll get it. (whatever “it” is)
3. Buddy pricing: sign up with a friend and both receive $15 off the clinic pricing.
2. Rob’s amazing coaching–go see what everyone else is raving about. Rob can pick out the one thing you’re doing wrong… correcting it has an immediate and pronounced positive effect.
1. Because you want to be a better hockey player. Sign up. Go. Improve. It’s that simple.

Rob is okay with people just showing up, but to make it easier on everyone, try to register online first:

Rob Little Hockey: Dramatic improvements with targeted coaching.